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Southeast Storm Mentoring Program

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Mentoring is about learning and this is your opportunity to connect with a more experienced triathlete to learn with her/him.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a voluntary relationship between an experienced athlete and a new or less experienced athlete. Mentoring is an opportunity to receive guidance and support from experienced triathletes. Mentors are not coaches but rather a guide on the side that you can use as a sounding board, for motivation or accountability, ask lots of questions or whatever parameters you and your mentoring partner agree to. A mentor’s role is to share their knowledge and experience by listening to, questioning and helping guide mentees in a positive and effective way to obtain their goals.

Mentors have an opportunity to learn too. The context for our program is a mutual learning relationship where both mentees and mentors establish goals for the duration of the program.

Program Parameters:

The focus of the mentoring program for 2019 is 1:1 mentoring relationships. This means that one mentee will be matched with one mentor. The matching will be based on the information provided in the online application forms as well as interviews as needed to make sure we understand the needs of the mentees and mentors. We want to make the best matches possible.  We hope to have enough applications to have mentors for all the mentees. 

  • 2019 Storm member
  • Two mentee cycles over the course of your membership.
  • Mentees commit to being a mentor within 4 years of their first mentee cycle.
  • Attendance at the orientation is a requirement of participation
  • The focus will be on people new to triathlon or targeting a new distance
  • Six month program runs from March 7th – Sept 7th
  • ** Note:  All new Storm members are eligible to apply to the mentoring program as a mentee **

Program Schedule:

  • Applications open from Feb1 -Feb 22.
  • Matches complete by Feb 28
  • Orientation is March 14, 6:30-8:30 pm. Location TBD
  • Mid program check in for participants – get together – June 06th, – 6:30-8:30pm, Location TBD
  • Program close at the end of the season – September 26, 6:30-8:30pm

Mentor Registration | Mentee Registration