Workout Cancellations

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Workout Cancellations

Southeast Storm Triathlon Club (SES) Workout Cancellation Policy:
Bad Weather

Our policy is always SAFETY FIRST!

It is important and part of our training to practice in all kinds of unfavourable weather conditions because on race day, it could be cold, heavy downpours, fog and sleet.

Races are cancelled due to lightning. Swim portions are cancelled due to high winds/ waves and extreme cold temperatures.

Therefore, if there is lightning at the time of our workout – that workout will be cancelled.

Use your best judgement on whether you wish to attend a workout in ‘bad weather’.

If there is lightning at the time of our workout, the BRICK workouts will be cancelled. If SES workouts are cancelled there will be no coaches present.

SES Swims will be cancelled if there is lightning at the time of our workout or if the beach has been closed.

CEPS Indoor training sessions are cancelled when the University of Moncton and/or CEPS is closed due to weather.

Please watch our Facebook Page for cancellations.

Thank you.